Suburban Railway Station

Chennai suburban railway is a commuter rail system in the Indian city of Chennai (Madras) operated by the Southern Railway. Chennai has a complex railway network. The system uses Electrical Multiple Units (EMU) operating on Alternating Current (AC) drawn from over-head cables through the catenary system. The total system spans around 900 km of which only 286 km have dedicated duel tracks for suburban EMUs, the rest share tracks with other trains and are called Mainline EMUs (MEMUs).

Metro Train

The Chennai Metro (Tamil: சென்னை மெட்ரோ) is a rapid transit system in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. The Phase I of the project consisting of two corridors is under construction. The elevated section of the project is scheduled to be operational by 2013 and the entire project is scheduled to be completed by the financial year 2014-2015. About 55% of the corridors in Phase I is underground and the remaining elevated.


Chennai Egmore (formerly known as Madras Egmore) is a railway station in Egmore, Chennai (Madras), South India. The station acts as the arrival and departure point for trains connecting Chennai and southern, central Tamil Nadu and Kerala. This is one of the two main railway terminals in the city along with Chennai Central (Madras Central), which serves the north and west bound trains from the city. However, some trains to the north-east and eastern parts of the country also start from/pass through here, though the number is much fewer than the ones from Chennai Central.

Public Transit

The city of Chennai is the birthplace of the railway system in India. In 1831-33, Madras Parliament first came up with the idea. In 1832, the first proposal of railway under the British administration was made in Madras, 21 years before the first operational railway line in India. Later in 1836 A. P. Cotton, a civil engineer in Madras, advocated the construction of a railroad in India.

Chennai Central Railway Station

Chennai Central (Tamil: சென்னை சென்ட்ரல்) Madras Central, is the main railway terminus in Chennai (Madras). It is the home of the Southern Railway and the most important rail hub in South India. Trains from here connect the city to New Delhi and prominent state capitals of India like Bhopal, Lucknow, Jaipur, Mumbai, Patna, Kolkata, Bangalore, Thiruvananthapuram etc. Madras Central is also the main hub for the Chennai Suburban Railway system.

Chintadripet MRTS Railway Station

The Mass Rapid Transit System (MRTS) is an elevated line of the urban mass transit system (metro-like cityrail) in Chennai (Madras), India. The line currently runs within city from Chennai Beach (Madras Beach) to Velachery, covering a distance of 25 km with 21 stations. In spite of full technical and logical separation from the Chennai Suburban Railway, the MRTS is operated by the state-owned Southern