Our site is successfully completed the 5th year photography service today (01/11/2015). Entering in 6th year with new ideas and themes to show this chennai city in a new different way. We have plans to like, promote this website with city guides, cityscapes, things to see in this city so on. We hope our site visitor will be very helpful to people who plan to visit and see the awesome things in this chennai city.

The New York Times ‘features the chennai city, 52 Places to Go in 2014’, it is now on Lonely Planet’s list of 10 best cities to visit.

We love to help you guys, welcome to chennai city. The 2nd oldest metro city in world.

Posted by Prabhu Chandian.
Dated: 01/11/2015.

Crisp Art Media will, take care of the entire maintenance of chennai in focus website and other related sites in one server.

Posted by Prabhu Chandian.
Dated: 17/02/2015.